pph international advantages
Here are some more advatages to consider pph international
Our software will allow your players to experience a Vegas-style sportsbook, casino, and racebook from the comfort of there computer. As a price per head bookmaker, you have to keep your eye on your business at all times. We allows you to see all your clients' activities, from straight bet, parlays bets, totals bets and everything in between.
Risk Management
With more than 20 years of combined experience, people managing our lines are highly familiar with all the nuances of betting action, and move the lines accordingly. They are also very adept at identifying and monitoring sharp players (wise guys), and will bring their wagering activity to your attention. Our professionalism in this area will limit your financial exposure.
At the discretion of Pay Per Head, advanced agents will be given the option to move their own lines. This capability has its pros and cons. On one hand, the advanced agent may have his own legitimate reasons for controlling the action on a particular sporting event. He also possesses first-hand knowledge of his player’s betting tendencies, and may be able to skew the line to his advantage. On the other hand, any line adjustments he makes will override subsequent line moves by Pay Per Head personnel, who are privy to sharp action, late-breaking news, injuries, etc. A word to the wise: use this capability judiciously.
Player Management
Be able to monitor all of your player’s accounts online or by phone. Each player will be able to wager on sports, horses and casino games with a single account, thus making your job simpler.
Analyze individual player wagering activity through a variety of advanced reports, including Player Pending Transactions, Sports Daily Figures (by player), Casino Daily Figures (by player), Customer Daily Figures Combined, and Customer Performance (by week, month, and year).
In the Customer Maintenance section, you can adjust individual player settings, such as wager limit, credit limit, etc.
Advance Software
Transactions are processed with incredible speed and accuracy, so account balances are always current. All telephone wagers are recorded for accuracy, for your protection.
Whether your players wager on sports, horse racing, casino games, or a combination thereof, they will know exactly where they stand at any point in time. You will appreciate the 24/7 availability of account information and reports that the software provides, and you probably won’t miss time-consuming tasks like setting and moving lines, taking wagers over the phone, grading those wagers, and keeping track of each player’s figure.
With our software, you’ll have a smoother-running, more profitable business, and a lot more time on your hands to recruit new players or just kick back and enjoy life.
Secured and Discrete
With more than 20 years in the online wagering industry, we have earned the respect and trust of hundreds of agents and master agents. We only collect information from you that is absolutely necessary to set up and service your account. All information pertaining to you and your players is kept in the strictest of confidence. That information is accessed only by our supervisory and management staff.
On the other hand, you and your players are solely responsible for password confidentiality. Pay Per Head is not responsible for password usage by any person other than the customer to whom the password was originally issued.